26th July 2017:

We now have the latest  Perren Cab ride DVD in stock covering ythe second part of the BLS network including Thun to Bern and Zweisimmen to Interlaken Ost and on to Bönigen works. This double DVD is priced at £35.00 including UK postage and is available through our on-line shop here where there are full details of the double DVD’s contents.

15th March 2017:
The second edition of Swiss Tram & Trolleybus Systems - Past and Present was published at the AGM and is now available. First published in 2015, this book has now been expanded into A4 format and still describes all the current Swiss tram and trolleybus systems as well as those which operate no longer. The text has been updated where appropriate and now runs to 104 pages (plus covers) including almost 380 photographs (colour and black-and-white). There are over 20 maps, principally to illustrate the networks of the tram and trolleybus systems still running. The  price is £14.50 including post & packing and is available from the Sales Page and our On-Line Shop

3rd March 2017:
The updated version of Switzerland Travel Guide No. 2,  Lake Geneva and the Rhone Valley, is now available from SRS Sales and the On-line shop.  It has been completely revised and update with some new photographs. The price remains the same at £7.00 including UK postage.


23rd March 2017

"Trainspotting in Fluelen"

Roger Ellis, Steve Tinsley and a few like minded members of the Society are going to the Hotel Sternen in Fluelen to do just that. We are arriving on Monday/Tuesday 4/5th September and returning mainly on Saturday 9th. If any member would like to join the party, which currently numbers at least five trainspotters, then please contact the Hotel direct (info@bonetti.ch) but let Frau Bonetti know that you are members of the SRS and are joining Roger Ellis and Steve T. That lovely lady gives a discount of 5% to SRS members. For more details please contact Roger.

3rd April 2017

The 2017 AGM was a great success and a copy of the programme, reports and accounts along with the AGM report and photos of the day are available within the “Members Area”.

17th February:

The report by John Jesson on the 2017 Nürnberg Toy Fair  is now available in the ‘Members Area’.

The Memorial Seat of Society founder Roy Dunglison has been dedicated on 26th May at Planalp Station on the Brienzer Rothorn Bahn.

13th January 2017:

The Swiss Holiday Company is offering Society Members a 5% discount against holiday bookings . For details click here.

Ron Smith has found the following link  to this site which has loads of great photos: http://www.bahnbilder-von-max.ch/sbb/index.html.

25th October updated 23rd January:

The complete Swiss Kursbuch is available as PDFs in a ZIP file and can now be downloaded without login: http://www.fahrplanfelder.ch/en/timetable-data.html

The file is updated daily with recent information.

October 2015:

The Society has a Facebook page - please take a look, some Society information will be put on our Facebook page.

We also have a Facebook Group where Society Members can post information and ask questions.

Please become a member of the group here.

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3rd  July 2017:

In the June edition of the Swiss Express you may have read about the ongoing project between BRB, Snowdon Mountain Railway and STC, Switzerland 2 Snowdon. This project has been postponed until 2018, with more information to follow in the coming months.

5th June 2017:

The 2018 AGM will be held on the 17th March 2018 at the Stuart Hotel, London Road, Derby. More details are available here and have been updated.

28th May 2017:

There are details on the Swiss Events page in the “Members Area” of trips into the Gotthard Base Tunnel.

21th January 2017:

We have decided to reduce the prices of some of our sales items which are specifically designed for  members, such as clothing - please see the Sales Page for  updated prices.