This year’s AGM and meet was, I felt, slightly muted in comparison to previous years. Attendance was down on previous years, about 150 compared to 200. Traders however reported brisk business and SRS Sales and the associated stalls all did very well. The upside to this was that it felt a little less crowded during the day and one was able to shove one’s way to the front of the stands!

The AGM itself was also more muted than has sometimes been the case in previous years, 50 members this year, all of whom were seated. The business side saw the end of two eras. The first was the winding up of the original Swiss Railways Society which has now been replaced by the . . . Swiss Railways Society. This is now a Company Limited by Guarantee, which was voted into existence last year with an overwhelming mandate from members. In practise members will see no difference. The second was the stepping down of Roger Ellis from the committee and Board of Directors. Roger has been on the committee longer than anyone, including himself, can remember and has been one of the rocks on which SRS has laid such strong foundations. He will truly be missed though I feel sure we will see him again from time to time and for many years to come.

The Chairman and myself made it clear to members at the AGM, and also through Swiss Express, that SRS cannot continue in it’s present form unless some more volunteers come forward. None of us, to use a well-worn cliché, are getting any younger and we need some new talent and ideas to take us forward. I’m pleased to say that one or two members have approached us but we still need more to share burdens.

Unfortunately I was unable to stay for the dinner, which this year was attended by 23 members. I am reliably informed it was a very enjoyable evening.

Next years AGM will be on Saturday 17th March and will be at Derby though at a different hotel close by, The Stuart, part of the Best Western Group.

The AGM Brochure with reports and accounts can be downloaded here

The AGM Meet in Pictures

(All photos by Glyn Jones - click on photos to enlarge).


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