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18th October:
Remco has informed us that REOS has now ceased producing DVDs and that all his videos will soon be available to view on his YouTube channel free of charge.  There is a link to this from his website.

24th March 2016

Swiss Postbuses  by Martin Fisher - this new book is now available, profusely-illustrated  in colour and 210x210 mm format describing the history (over a century old), present day country-wide network and vehicles (past & present) of this celebrated bus & coach operator. Nine maps illustrate the location of the principal routes in a network deploying some 2,200 vehicles over 7,400 route miles. Some technical details but not lists of fleet numbers. The book has 108 pages. The price is £12.00 at  exhibitions or £14.50 by mail order from SRS Sales.

15th November:

We now have in stock the latest publication from the Society available now via our On-line shop or Society Sales Page:

Swiss Mountain Climbing – The Easy Way  by Martin Fisher - Profusely-illustrated in colour and A4 format to demonstrate how easy it is to reach glorious Swiss mountain scenery through a network of over 370 rack-and-pinion railways, funiculars, cable cars and chairlifts etc. The history and evolution of these various forms of transport is explained, supported by tables providing basic data for each route including fares. A map shows where many of these routes are to be found. The book has nearly 400 photographs in its 120 pages. The price is £16.00 including UK postage.

Also available is the revised edition of Swiss Travel Guide No. 6 Graubünden with new photographs and more pages. The price remains at £6.00 and is available now via our On-line shop or Society Sales Page.

15th March 2017:
The second edition of Swiss Tram & Trolleybus Systems - Past and Present was published at the AGM and is now available. First published in 2015, this book has now been expanded into A4 format and still describes all the current Swiss tram and trolleybus systems as well as those which operate no longer. The text has been updated where appropriate and now runs to 104 pages (plus covers) including almost 380 photographs (colour and black-and-white). There are over 20 maps, principally to illustrate the networks of the tram and trolleybus systems still running. The  price is £14.50 including post & packing and is available from the Sales Page an our On-Line Shop

Also available is the updated edition of Switzerland Travel Guide No. 2 Lake Geneva and the Rhone Valley. The price remains at £7.00 including UK postage.

20th November 2017:
The Society’s  publication - The Swiss Lakes - Their Scenery and Ships  by Martin Fisher - with 140 pages in A4 format and 398 colour photos is now available, profusely illustrated it describes about 200 of the lakes in Switzerland. The first half of the book describes the 20 lakes which enjoy scheduled boat services: the lake setting, the lakeside communities large and small, the boat routes and the boats which are used, be they hundred year-old paddle steamers or modern motor vessels. The second half of the book provides a brief description, with at least one photograph for each, of about 180 other lakes. These include the famous and the obscure; the Alpine or the low-lying; and vary from deep reservoirs in harsh surroundings to quiet havens for wildlife in idyllic settings. The book is available from SRS Sales and our on-line shop. The price is £17.00 or £15.00 at exhibitions. The perfect Christmas present.

6th December 2017:

Member Jason Sargerson now has his own website:  to provide information about his books and how to buy them. He has recently updated Volume One of his book, now titled Swiss Narrow Gauge West and South. Volume Two has now been updated land is available now.

These books are now available from the Society Sales Stand price at £10.00 per volume. Or by mail order direct from Jason.

22nd December 2017:

We now have the latest  Perren Cab ride DVD in stock - MGB Linien 2. This double DVD covers the lines: Visp to Andermatt, Göschenen - Andermatt, Brig Mörel (old line) and Andermatt to Disentis/ Mustér. The price is £35.00 including UK postage and is available through our on-line shop here where there are full details of the double DVD’s contents.

9th March:
The Society’s latest publication - SBB Electric Locomotives – Past and Present by Martin Fisher and Paul Russenberger is now available. It describes the evolution of Swiss electric locomotive design through some 50 types of locomotive (excluding shunters but including those railcars which saw use in the traditional manner) from the very earliest experimental schemes in the Edwardian era through to the “Vectrons”. Photographs are in colour wherever possible but old archive photos (mostly very rare) are in black-and-white. There is not  an “ABC-style” list of individual fleet numbers.The book has 124 pages and is available from SRS Sales and our on-line shop. The price is £16.00 or £14.00 at exhibitions.